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55th Class Reunion: Oct 22, 2016

The 55th Reunion Video is now on sale!

AHS 55th Reunion Video

The Reunion was held at the first high school in Antioch, the Riverview Union High School. It is now being used as a museum for the Antioch Historical Society.  The museum has a room dedicated to schools in Antioch with pictures, annuals, etc.

Antioch High School Luncheon August 25 2018 

  AHS 61 55th Reunion Attendees

I have just finished updating the Memorial Page to the web site and it was really difficult knowing that as I added each person....they are gone.

AHS 1961 50th  Reunion Group Picture

Group Picture from the AHS Class of 1961 50th Class Reunion

The tab "Senior Pictures"  will show all the pictures of the senior class. I will be adding in the near future additional information; such as, address, email, number of children, spouse, etc.

Where has all the time gone?  It didn't seem that long ago that we were in High School trying to figure out where to go next and if it was the right direction. 

If I could just do it over again with what I know now, it would have been so different or would it?  People we liked, loved, lusted over or even hated are slipping away one at a time. 

Browse our new web site, it is really turning into a memory box.  If you have photos you would like to share, go to the Contact Page and email them to me.  They can be new, old, older and oldest...who cares!

I have been making several changes with a different look. Also adding more class photos from the elementary school days.

I just visited the high school and I couldn't believe how young the "children" looked.  I also took pictures of places around Antioch that has changed since 1961. Click here: "Remember When".


Drop byFacebook Logo Several AHS 61 students are hanging out there.